Cash Flow

Although the use of cash is declining rapidly, it clearly must remain available for everyone in the Netherlands. Geldmaat is working with three major banks, ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank, to implement an efficient ATM network that is independent of specific banks. The ATMs of these three banks will be replaced by the Geldmaat ATM. "We are a highly visible component of society's critical infrastructure," says Erik Severijnen, CIO of Geldmaat.

Optimized distribution of the ATMs means both installing extra ATMs and removing them in areas where they are several in the same location. "With fewer machines, it's even more important that they always are in working order, which for us means that we must operate 24/7 rather than just 5x10." says Erik. "We're also expanding from servicing the commercial market to supporting consumers. Previously, it was the banks who responded when a customer asked for help, complaining: 'It swallowed my card' or 'It's not working.' We resolve such issues ourselves as Geldmaat on behalf of the three banks. These are significant transformations, and they're all happening simultaneously."


"The complexity comes from coordinating the work of all partners in a complex chain and make sure that everyone does what he is supposed to do. The critical application landscape that Schuberg Philis manages is important in this chain. This also enables us to undertake data-based initiatives that lead to further optimization of the cash chain. Without that foundation, it would be impossible to move forward into the future," says Erik. Schuberg Philis is a valuable and creative sparring partner: "An example is their involvement with our Technology Office, where all ideas for the future are brought together."

"Through our Technology Office we help them make the right choices."

Sander de Vries

Data as an asset

Sander de Vries, Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis adds: "Geldmaat really depends on data. By using sensor data and their knowledge of local circumstances they can respond proactively to local needs or do predictive maintenance. Through our Technology Office we help them make the right choices."

Managing ATMs also means that Geldmaat falls under the direct supervision of the country's central bank, the DNB, and all the compliancy checks that this entails. "Schuberg Philis has many customers in the financial sector. They all have to be able to demonstrate that they are 'in control.' This is familiar territory for us," says Sander, "so we know how to find a balance between speed and reliability, innovation and compliance. This is our daily work and Geldmaat will continue to benefit from this in the future."

Erik Severijnen
CIO of Geldmaat
Sander de Vries
Mission critical engineer at Schuberg Philis