At the heart of Schuberg Philis

The restaurant is the beating heart of Schuberg Philis. We spoke with our colleagues Jeroen Nagelsmith, Paul Metz, and Elaine Rupp, who are responsible for this homebase, about their challenges and their view of what's next.

100% food, hospitality, and recharge

The only way we can maintain our performance, with our 100% mindset, is to take good care of ourselves. It's important that our colleagues can eat something tasty and healthy in an attractive environment at any time of the day. So the Restaurant Team provide not only a healthy lunch, but also breakfast and evening meals. Elaine Rupp: "What I love about the restaurant is that everyone really feels at home and that we can create a moment of peace. We really want to continue to foster that 'living room' feeling."

The wow factor

The restaurant is also often the star of parties and events, and it's our strong suit for meals with customers. Elaine: "Our role goes beyond just providing food for our colleagues. For example, we work closely with the Customer Teams and, when there are events, we surprise their customers with something special, often made specially for them." Paul: "For example, for the pilotage organization Loodswezen we put together a three-course theme menu with a tart shaped like a pilot's boat for dessert. They really liked that."

What's next?

Jeroen: "We always have ideas for new and creative things. 'Paul & Jeroen's cooking workshops' with colleagues and customers is one such idea. From a Japanese or Italian dish to molecular cooking and 3D food printing." Paul agrees: "We want to ensure that people never find the restaurant just 'normal'. We'll continue to surprise our colleagues and customers."

Elaine Rupp
Head of Hospitality of Schuberg Philis
Paul Metz
100% Food at Schuberg Philis
Jeroen Nagelsmith
100% Food at Schuberg Philis